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Dissrespectful and Unacceptable service.


Dissrespectful and Unacceptable service.

I class myself as a valued customer of Plus.Net kind of been here from the start of ADSL, I remember doing alot of reading of early reports of the new ADSL companies and for a long time I have been really happy with Plus.Net and the service they have offerd me.

But the whole download limit issue has really dissapointed me, my account was changed with pretty much 0 notice the limits put upon with 0 consultation and now I have heard absoloutly nothing about 8 meg upgrade. So my acount was changed to an account that pays for my fastest possible and i've not even heard a peep about when my connection will change to this.

I'd migrate if I knew it would take me weeks because of Plus.Net's lack of being able to handle simple tasks like oh i dunno multi cast anyone?
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Dissrespectful and Unacceptable service.

When it comes to the traffic management, and the included usage levels, these aren't something that were introduced over night with no notification. We've been through several iterrations of the usage policies to get to where we are now. You've been a customer for a long time, so you've probably seen most of them at least mentioned.

As for the 8mb upgrades, these are still ongoing, but as with the upgraedes we did last year, its going to take some time. Especailly as we've just had a few weeks where the bulk regrade tool has been unavailable. We're expecting to get everyone done around September time, but that estimate could change.