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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

Hi Guys,

Please use this thread for discussion on the update made here:

I'll be back tomorrow to answer any questions or comments you have.



Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

Hi Ian,

Could you have a look at ticket number 20593799, it's had no plusnet input since sunday morning.


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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

The first graph is a mite unclear: what, for example is 'P1' which is presumably (?) to be read off against the RH axis?
Zen from May 17. PN Business account from 2004 - 2017

Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

too little too late.

in a business environment where your competitors are just two mouse clicks away and the minimum contract length is a month, you cannot afford to treat your customers as plusnet have the last year or so.

so chastened by my experience here, i will never return to plusnet and will always warn friends and family against them in the strongest possible terms

Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

what, for example is 'P1'

P1 is a 'priority 1 problem' basically something that is the most urgent of urgent to be resolved and fixed.


"number of DNS issues that may all be impacting customers." Doesn't make sence :p


Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

I'm sorry, but PlusNet are a joke ISP now.

I have a question open that was last updated on :

2:49am, Thursday 26th October 2006

Don't think that's in the time limits specifed in your update.

As for comments about senior managers updating tickets, is that why we are getting so many stupid comments and requests for information in tickets?

None of this makes up for all the email deleted, CGI sites upset, constant DNS and connection problems, the disasters of the LLU migrations and ADSLMax. With the main problem being everytime a lack of communication and open honesty. Not to mention the recent disasters with the Ellacoyas and the destruction of peak time service to all but some HTTP traffic.

You make more money out of your customers than any other ISP, you used to be worth it, and now simply you are not. As soon as my exchange is updated again and BT has some spare capacity, I'll be on my way to join the hundreds who have posted in the forums in recent weeks to say goodbye.

PlusNet has been used by its directors to make money. If the buyout succeeds, then congratulations you acheived your goal. Pity about us, the poor people who will be left in limbo in all probability or handed over to one of the few ISPs who are worse (BT or Tiscali).

One very fed up customer (soon to be ex-customer I hope).
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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

Please be aware PN that some customers, if they are like me,have learnt to work around the unreliable service when disconnections occur (they still occur) so we can't be bothered to continuously complain to you when failures occur, unless the problems are show stoppers like email failures. Therefore it would be wrong for you PN to judge your performance on the levels of current customer fault reporting/tickets.

I want rock solid email and web access. Am I alone in this objective?

Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

Your dead right peter if i went on here every time plus net didnt work i would i wouldnt have time to do any thing

Like you say you find work arounds

But you shouldnt have to i have friends on AOL that get a better service than we do

Drop outs/Multiple try log ins/etc.

So, what are PN doing about this?
Tried to log on tonight 6 times.
Frustrating sex has nothing on this 'service'.


Exactly. I couldn't agree more with the comments here..

The more "experienced" net users like us have indeed learnt to work around the problems..

I have been on the net since 1996 and with plusnet since around 2004.

I have been with many companies in that time but none have provided a level of serice like this... Requiring all these workarounds..

My rock solid (synced at 8m at the exchange, BT - non LLU) connection should be fast...

I get 4-10k ftp uploads (I had stable 30k uploads back in 2002 with bt 0.5 mb service)...

I get no traffic over point to point protocol due to the Ellacoya's.

I get constant delays whilst surfing and non existing pages due to the broken DNS service at PlusNet

I have installed my own local caching dns service here along with a secondary dns service from opendns and at least I can again surf most sites.....

End users really shouldn't have to bother with all this hassle on a supposedly 8mb connection...

Just tonight, my pop3 email is down - cannot send... smtp error.. I know webmail is down but now so is pop...

I wouldn't mind so much if I was on the bottom package, but I am not...

I propose a poll - how many people are really satisfied with their serice levels...

ps. soon as BE Unlimited go live at my local exchange, I am off... Unless a miracle happens in service standards...



are PN going to let us know how many people have left in the last 3 months. I'm now on my third application for ADSL Max.They keep telling me sorry but you will have to re-apply.Suspect they havn't even bothered to process the applications. Used to be a 1st rate provider.Update just trying to pacify customers for another month.
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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

Thanks for that update Ian. The level of openness is welcome as always.

While I congratulate you on handling what has been a difficult period for Can't help but feel this posting doesn't restore any great faith in speaking from a customer’s point of view.

P2P, external FTP, download caps and aggressive Traffic Management are beginning really frustrate me and no doubt many others who feel not enough investment is being made in the network to handle the rapidly growing number of multimedia applications and large downloads that are currently crippling the network.

Plus.nets response up to this point has been placing more and more limits on customers. To the point many of us who use our connections sensibly are faced with unfair restrictions and even find ourselves subsidising the greed of others who sign up to, download their own personal copy of the Internet with no thought to how selfish this is and the impact it has on other people, then leave after a few months.

Right now I am getting a service that is inferior to the original 512k ADSL service I signed up to with many years ago. When I log in these days I have;

  • Peak Time Bandwidth Cap
  • Restrictions on P2P
  • Poor External FTP poor performance
  • Periods of extreme latency in games
  • Incredibly poor performance of applications that use non-standard ports for the type of application they are.

Recently I was doing some retro-gaming with friends online using a VPN application to connect our LANs to run the game but the performance was truly awful.

I would happily trade these problems and my 4.5Mbit MAX DSL service for my old 512k without the restrictions.

All these problems are the result of the aggressive Traffic Management are using to keep what sees are critical Internet applications running at full speed, while sacrificing the performance of the other applications.
Importantly are forgetting to the customers every Internet application they use is critical.

For me I pay £21.99 for Broadband Premier up to 8MB. I understand the reasons why I don’t get the full 8MB because of the quality of my line. What I don’t understand is pricing system that doesn’t seem to evenly divide up the shared resource that is central bandwidth.

In an ideal world would have enough central capacity to cope with every single user downloading at full speed in peak hours. This isn’t realistic because of the high price charged by BT, because of Ofcom’s anti-monopoly regulations they have placed on BT, keeping the prices artificially high, allowing LLU competition to move into the market, undercutting BT while still being able to make a profit.

The Decommissioning of the aggressive Traffic Management platform is an essential target need to set themselves in order to keep customers such as myself.

What I would like to see is a two-stage revamp of the product range. Stage one before Ofcom’s regulations are lifted on BT and one stage after.
For the current moment in time this would be;

  • 512k Premier (£21.99 a month) – No Traffic shaping, No download limits
  • Up to 8Meg Premier (£21.99) – Same as now, Traffic Management and Peak bandwidth cap
  • Up to 8Meg Premier unlimited (£75) – No download limits or Traffic Management.

The reason for these packages is I’m sure everyone on the Premier package like me would find a package that suits them. People like me who don’t need fast downloads but need an unrestricted service. People who use their connection for general use. And for the heavy downloaders make them pay for what they use.

Following the lifting of Ofcom’s restrictions on BT pricing of Central and the inevitable fall in price you would be able to revamp the products again.

Right now there needs to be a separation of the masses from the heavy downloader’s who are using more bandwidth they are paying for.
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Re: Drop outs/Multiple try log ins/etc.

So, what are PN doing about this?

They are looking for a buyer so the senior managers are able to retire and leave the minions facing angry customers with BT as the likely new owner.

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Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

The Decommissioning of the aggressive Traffic Management platform is an essential target need to set themselves in order to keep customers such as myself.

What with the more bandwidth intensive nature of internet use nowadays, this would probably just result in P2P winning over every other protocol and a completely unusuable connection.. By the looks of it (ASDL guide), quite a lost of ISP's are having to throttle P2P just to keep the web working.

It would be nice to see more bandwidth available from the centrals, but we know this is not going to happen because of the rediculous cost versus gain (Ofcom's restrictions)

@firejack: I like the idea of your new range but there would likely be so many other problems due to contention outside PN's control would it be worth implementing?

Short of finding a really nice LLU based provider thats reliable, with low contention and high bandwidth, will there ever be an improvement?


Discuss the latest PlusNet Update

What a load of cack these "improvement" statistics are.
My ticket has not been answered since last Wednesday, 25th Oct. This is about the 4th or 5th ticket on the same subject. Sick of it. This is the 3rd time you have asked me for the same information, which emails are not receiving the mails I send. Every time it is ignored.

I am now at the stage where I launch another application on my PC just for something to do whilst I try to connect. I am forever clicking redial, remote computer did not respond, my username/password is invalid, the link protocol has disppeared with it's head up it's arse, repeat to fade.
That is getting worse, it has just taken me 6 minutes to connect. The majority of customers here don't care how long it is taking you to answer the phones or respond to tickets because the same problems are still there and getting worse. How about doing something about the actual problems then you wouldn't have so many damn calls to answer and tickets to respond to?

Average call time answer 11minsHuh?? You're having a laugh, I gave up and put the phone down after half an hour of waiting last week.

Oldest untouched ticket 7 hoursHuh Do me a favour, mine was last Wednesday, almost 7 days!!!!