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Well I'm sure none of you remember my sync issue from 2 weeks ago but I finally got a rather surprising answer. Apparently now BT have checked our line was de-activated 2 weeks ago at the request of, they even gave us the job number for it. This was only 3 weeks after it was activated in the first place and apparently have no record of this taking place or they would/should have told us before. Not only that they have continued to take subscription charges from my bank account. Would someone like to offer an explanation for all this because from here it just looks like a malitious and deliberate attempt to seriously P**S me off and take money they have no right to. I will of course be asking for a full refund for this period. I used to love pn and sing their praises, I've had 4 seperate accounts with them but now I just don't know. Would someone there like to restore my faith?
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Re: Disconnected

Would someone there like to restore my faith?

30 hours after you first posted this, no one has come forward.

'Nuff said.