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Disconnect patch seems to be working...


Disconnect patch seems to be working...


Personal update on disconnection problems.

Touching wood, crossing fingers but connection times seem to be coming close to normal. Now, most of the disconnects are user generated, not ISP/BT related.

Praise de Lawd, or diety of choice...that whatever background work has been done looks like it has addressed this annoying blip in the relationship between me and an ISP I really want to stay with.

I am one of the fortunate ones who can migrate freely without penalty fees due to length of time with PlusNet, but past performance, before all this upheaval over the last 12-18 months, was the thing that kept me hanging on to them. It has been close, a couple of times I did throw my hands in the air and say, 'I've had enough, I'm outa here.'

But, another go-round like this, where I and others are not informed that the fault may not be with us or our equipment and casual dismissal of our input will result in me throwing the towel in.

Once an organisation disregards its customer base as has happened with this problem then they deserve to lose them. Loyalty is a two way street.

Thank you for reading this rant. It made me feel better expressing it. Smiley