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Dirty Trick by PlusNet


Dirty Trick by PlusNet

I have been banging my head against the wall, by trying to report a fault with my connection. The fault is that PlusNet show me using more data than i actually do in peaktime.

The crunch came on the 22nd June when the network fell over. I was unable to connect, but still my useage was logged as me useing 600MB in peaktime.

I pointed this out to them, that something must be wrong with their equipment. All what PlusNet do is restrict my account until it is now throttled back to 128kb/s with no FTP or P2P at all.

Even though they have the evidence in front of them they still restrict me. I too plan to leave this shower of shite. And anyone thinking of joining should think again.
These a-holes are worst than wanapoo!!!