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Difficulty Communicating


Difficulty Communicating

Can anyone let me know why it takes so long to communicate between plusnet support and customer when in the ticket queue, making the resolve to the fault overly long? This is because I have lost the use of both my telephone and access to the internet and have no other means of contact with plusnet other than from work or by phone (mobile).

I post in ticket queue the fault in question at 2.08pm 6/12.
Reply comes at 8.01pm 6/12 (as i have to do this from work i have left for the day).

I post 8.39am 7/12 and reply is posted 4.19pm same day.
Another reply is posted 8.35am 9/12 and again 8.05am 10/12 (both these days i am at home without landline phone or internet connection and is a weekend and i am not at work).

Another reply is posted at 7.33am 11/12.
I post at 9.01am 11/12 and a reply is posted 11.27am same day.

Another reply is posted 8.10am 12/12.
I post at 9.11am same day.

Another reply is posted 8.56am 13/13 and again at 7.14pm (i have gone home).

Another reply is posted 7.48am 14/12 (at home as i am waiting for an engineer).

Another reply is posted 7.33am 15/12 and i post at 9.14am same day.

Another reply is posted 7.15am 18/12 and i post 10.15am another reply is posted at 4.59pm and i post at 5.06pm 18/12.
This must be a record day for communication as I also receive a text message too!

I post at 11.02am on the 19/12.

At this present rate of communication I will have to assume that my fault ticket will be resolved some time in the new year.

I repeat why does it take so long to communicate when I have given my mobile number to help both Plusnet and myself resolve this quickly?

Has anyone else had such lengthy dealings when trying to resolve faults or issues?


Difficulty Communicating

Arrgh that's really annoying!

Nothing like telling your customer to check the questions online or check your email when the problem is you cant connect to the 'net! Arrgh that's infuriating. What would happen if you didn't have the luxury of an internet connection at work? these problems would NEVER get solved at this rate! Evil

Have you tried phoning them? Then they can keep you on hold for half an hour before terminating the call the second it's answered, that happened to me once.