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Didnt think I'd have to but...


Didnt think I'd have to but...

Plusnet are leaving me with no choice but to go elsewhere.

Wasnt going to bother posting here, but it is the "feedback" forum so they are going to get it!
PlusNet have been the only broadband provider I have ever been with and it all started so well!
I enjoyed great speeds, hardly and disconnects, it was all going well until the letters FUP popped up a while back!

At the time I was not a heavy user but I could still sympathise with the "heavy" users concerns and complaints, anyway right about the same time, PlusNet changed all their packages and the package I was on started shouting out about 8MB speeds coming soon, so I stuck with PlusNet, paying £40.99 a month, a few months passed and still no news on these new speeds and after a bit of reading and some good advice from this board I realised that I could downgrade to a £18.99 package and still get the same experience that I was when paying £40.99, I was utterly shocked that PlusNet themselves didnt advertise the fact that the extra £22 a month I was paying was for me to "hope to get 8MB one day and offered no benefits over the other packages, but still I deceided to give them the benefit of the doubt (i could have read more on the forums) and I stayed with them until the recent SUP was announced, and with this I had my email to say I was using my "download what you like" account too much! :roll:

Still I though, fair enough, I can schedule my downloads to off peak times, and I did that. Then a couple of days ago I hit the 2-3kbps speeds from the newsgroups. Only to find out that a 15GB limit had been put in place (found out via a ticket about it and that I had exceeded the limit)

Now to this very moment I have never had an email from PlusNet explaining that this limit was being introduced! Surely before they alter a condition of the product they must inform everyone first!?
If they did I could have stayed within the limit, i wouldnt have been happy, but I could have stayed within it. Instead they have failed to notify me and let me go over knowing that I was completely unaware of this new imposed limit, and then have the nerve to limit my speed!

It is for that reason that Im 99% certain I shall be leaving PlusNet (just waiting on a response from a ticket) due to their appaling advertising of their products and changes to the conditions.

Now I fully appreciate that there possibly does have to be limits, but why not set them out clearly in the first place?

Looking at your homepage now, it is offering the "premier" package as being suitable for "serious internet user" yet it mentions absolutely nothing about there being a 15GB limit on usenet before speed restrictions occur.

How can this be a fair way of advertising your products to potential customers?

What I dont understand is that all these light users have apparently been complaining that the quality of the service had decreased yet no heavy users have ever fallen victim to these problems?

I understand their is the argument that the heavy users use alot more ££'s worth of bandwidth than what they pay for, but being business PlusNet calculate that this is recouped from the thousands upon thousands of light users that pay more than the ££'s worth they use!

It is clear aswell that the way PlusNet "skirt" around the unlimited issue is that they continue to let you use your service albeit at a slower speed.

But if anyone here can honestly say that there are no "limits" on plusnet accounts then your are sorely wrong.

I wanted PlusNet to be the best ISP, when I first joined them I was proud to be a customer and actually recommeded them to many people, but I am now sadened to say I feel embarressed to still be in the userbase and will plan for a swift exit.

Sorry for the long rant, but I feel feedback is important. Cry

Didnt think I'd have to but...

great post, very well written and yes my friend who got me to switch (from zen!) 5 months back is also very embarrased and we are looking for a new isp together.

Didnt think I'd have to but...

very well written and understood.

Looks like plusnet are getting their own way again...forcing people to leave.

Please do not tell me I am causing disruption again by opening my mouth.. I am only saying what I know a lot of other long time servants of plusnet are thinking.

15GB pah what a joke...........

Didnt think I'd have to but...

this is what gets me...

If PlusNet what to change the way they run their service then fine, they know what they are doing, and if they say they are making the changes to keep the large majority happy then fine, but it is the underhanded way they go about these changes that infuriates the people on these boards.

I mean I was in their "heavy downloader black book" and yet they failed to tell me that a limit was being applied to my account (the 15GB Usenet limit)

(and by heavy downloader I've averaged about 70-80gb the last 3 months)

Now if I were PlusNet looking at how to "sustain the service" :roll: I would do it this way.

1. Discuss all ideas on how combat the problem
2. If applying a limit is the only way to combat this then send ALL their users notification of the change at least 30 days in advance, giving them the option to make a decision on whether or not they want to stay.
3. Then apply the change.

It appears to me as though Plusnet have gone about it backwards!
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Didnt think I'd have to but...

where have you been for the last six months

Didnt think I'd have to but...

Well said. And im another whose voting with my feet so to speak. Migrating on the 14th of November to Freedom2Surf after strongly being recommended to them by my Counter-Strike Clan. ( 4 of them on there and have had no problems with them ever and ping <20 consistently ). But it was more the constant line drops, slow speeds, apalling game pings that have thrown me ( being an extremely avid online gamer ). This is after 5years with plusnet. 3years with them on a business end ( cyberia ) and 2years as a home user. And you put it correct. After the introduction or possible introduction of the FUP things just never picked back up. As for 'heavy usage' I download approx 10~15gb a month. So its not just the heavy users that are being victimised, imo its gamers too.

-Dave aka Xen

Didnt think I'd have to but...

i feel the exact same as you sean, after 3 years im now moving to f2s.

Didnt think I'd have to but...

Plusnet, would you care to respond to this....

Didnt think I'd have to but...

Well I have had an ongoing ticket with PlusNet and I asked this question...

Why was the information about the newsgroups "Limits" not cascaded via email? (hint: Prevention is better than cure?)

To which it was replyed...

Some e-mails were sent to heavey news users notifying of the new limits. Judging from the aftermath of this I would concur with your hint

Well at least they recognise it as a valid point!

I have now requested my MAC key, I feel a bit sad in a way to be leaving after all this time. Im disappointed more than anything.

I am not going to sit here and say that I am moving to an ISP that doesnt impose limits because they probably all will at some point, but I will say that I hope the new ISP demonsrates a bit more care and attention to its customer base, regardless of how they use there account.

I signed up to a package about 3 years ago that was sold to me as being the account to have because you had the option to use the service as much as you liked.

Since that time so much has been changed that the limits they have imposed have really degraded the ability to use the account as it was sold.

Im now hoping for a very quick response to my MAC key request so I can move along!

I have one final question though, are companies/businesses allowed to change their Terms and Conditions as much as PlusNet have?

There have been changes that I have been told about and changes that I haven't, now fair enough if they change the t & c's and apply that to any new signups but surely if a change is implemented that affected your current terms and conditions, (as an existing customer) as much as the 15GB usenet limit does, should you have the right to refuse the change, as this is, in effect, changing your original contract with them?

It would be interesting to find out about the legality of this. :?:

re email

did only heavy usenet users get this email [i recieved it [only used 7.2 gig last month and that was mainly online updates window etc about 2 gig p2p and 1 gig usenet ] or was it a hit and miss approach [im a newbie to plus [sept 27th]are they sending itout to newbies as well ?

Didnt think I'd have to but...


Feel exactly the same as you, been with them for years, but I am sorry, it now seems like its time to look elsewhere. Sad

Didnt think I'd have to but...

Well I recieved my MAC key, 3 minutes and 15 seconds after requesting it, can't complain about that part of their service!

Still, it does firm up my opinion that the changes were made to get rid of heavy users!

Didnt think I'd have to but...

Well said Sean. What an absolute disgraceful way to do business. Plusnet you are using dirty tricks

A very annoyed customer