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Did Plusnet tell me?

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Did Plusnet tell me?

I looked at the Status messages and then the Forum today, for the first time in several weeks. I had almost been tempted to contact Plusnet to congratulate them on an improved email service, but then the floods of spam, and now delayed incoming messages.

It was only then that I learned about the catastrophe going back two weeks or more.

Did Plusnet do anything to alert me to this? Loking back through my emails I can find notifications that payment has been taken from my account, and TWO newsletters telling me about the improved service, but I can't find ANYTHING that should have alerted me proactively about the disasterous security failure.

Have I missed anything? Do I need to check the Forum every day to find out about problems like this?
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Did Plusnet tell me?

Hi there,

We've sent 3 emails direct to customers regarding this over the last 2 weeks:
- The first was to customers possibly affected by the trojan issue.
- The second was to the entire customer base regarding the security issue and the possible consequences.
- The third was to the entire customer base explaining the new changes to the spam filtering.

We have also been making regular updates to Service Status and the forums, and published an Incident Report on Tuesday night.