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Dial-up connection settings


Dial-up connection settings

I was unable to connect to any sites through plusnet this morning.
When I checked the dial up connection properties I compared the different PAYG connections that are on my PC(old ISPs that I use for back-up connection)and I noticed that Plusnet is the only one with the "use automatic configuration script" box checkedthe script begins 'http://127.0.01'...
When I unchecked this I was once again able to connect to the WWW.
Is this a standard Plusnet setting or has it possibly been added by a firewall(Zonealrm) or some other similar programme(eg,Webwasher)?

RE: Dial-up connection settings


This is nothing that we would have added and isn't a standard setting. the only thing it could be is some third party software interferring with the connection properties.

I am glad to hear that you have got the connection working though now. Cheesy

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