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Dial up access from India ?


Dial up access from India ?

I am travelling to Bombay, India soon - is there a local number there that I can dial to access my email messages without the cost of an international call ?

Thanks in anticipation.


RE: Dial up access from India ?

No, we do not have a global roaming number in India. You can always use an Indian cybercafe and access your mail through the Plusmail application.

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RE: Dial up access from India ?


I was also looking for a solution for global roaming. I found and have signed up with them. It appears to be a very good service, you keep your exisiting ISP (eg PlusNet) but MAGLOBE provide you with a global roaming service using local numbers. Cost is very reasonable too (by far the cheapest global roaming service Ive found).

You pay in advance (minimum about $15) which gives you 3 hours global roaming (16 hours in the USA). Pay more and you get more time. Obviously you have to pay for the local calls as well. You can "top up" with more time on line.

They seem to have quite a few dial up numbers in India!

I have tested the UK and Sweden numbers and they both seem to work fine.

Laurenc Carr