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Diagnostics Problem


Diagnostics Problem


I'm trying to set up the F9 connection on my pal's PC. (I signed up, and recommended the service to him - and now he's done the same).

MY connection with the Voyager 105 modem is fine, solid, not a problem.

HIS connection is totally different. Both his and my PCs have been upgraded to XP pro SP2 with all the security updates.

HIS PC seems to like the first web page it connects to, all the time, but then when you try to go to another page, the message "Cannot find Server" keeps coming up, almost like the connection is dropped (which the STATUS does NOT say - the system thinks there is a connection).

If I run the Dianostics, the report back shows the OS as Windows 98SE, and the SYSTEM ans NETWORK tests fail. I'm really puzzled at this.

I've uninstalled and re-installed the Voyager drivers til I'm as blue in the face as the USB cable provided with the modem. The installed driver version on his is the same as mine.

It's not a line problem as I've got his PC at my house, and the problem shows here too. When I connect his PC through my modem, there's trouble. When I'M connected with the same modem everything's cool.

My next port of call is to see if there are any motherboard chipset driver updates for his PC.

Any help/guidance would be welcomed!



Things to try,Ivan

Hello Steve,

Several things come to mind that you could try here, perhaps the most immediate one that sprang to mind is

1) try to disable the built in MS windows XP firewall that comes, also note that the firewall is by default turned on if you install service pack 2. (to turn the firewall off goto, control panel, admin tools, services, in the services list see internet connection firewall, open this service and set it to either Manual and stopped or disable completely both are fine).

**NOTE: I dont recommend using the MS windowsXP firewall its aweful and only blocks inbound connections. Its also not very user friendly, I do highly recommend the freeware basic ZoneAlarm firewall version 5.0 you can download it from the following This is a user friendly product that has a very good track record and comes with a wizard / tutorial for setup.

**NOTE: If you upgraded genuinely from win98 to XP then the OS may still report win98 thats nothing wrong, its fine and how it should be. That information is just retained in a file somewhere on your system, probably within windows itself. Doesnt mean that there is anything wrong through.

2) Even if you have installed the hardware (modem) correctly and have the correct drivers you might just have one crucial setting wrong or a check box enabled when it might need to be unchecked it could be a simple as that.

Therefore make sure you go through ALL your dialup (modem settings) networking settings (in the DUN) ie. all the TCP/IP seetings such as a) Protocol should be TCP/IP, static IP or dynamic (usually static IP), default gateway which should be the static IP from F9, sub netmask, etc your user principal name such as and your password.

**Also make sure you have the correct Force9 Primary and secondary DNS servers IP address's set correctly this could well be a part of the problem, i.e. no name resolution hence cannot find the server?

3) once you have checked all your networking settings for the connection try going to a command prompt (or DOS window) and from the prompt type the following c:\>IPCONFIG /ALL (note the space between config and the word all) then press enter and check to see all the settings in the listing are correct.

4) A quick re-boot of your machine should clear the DNS resolver cache or if you want to try the same thing without a full reboot. Again from a command prompt type c:\>ipconfig /flushdns (but the reboot tends to work better though I find).

5) If your still having problems after these suggestions then contact CS and ask them if they could kindly perform a WHOOSH test on the phone line you want to use (which ever one we're talking about here?).


Diagnostics Problem

Hi Ivan,
Thanks very much for taking the time to reply so comprehensively, and so fast. I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I've tried and checked everything that you suggested, to no avail. I thought I had finally cracked it when I made the Voyager connection the DEFAULT connection, but alas after a couple of minutes of good fast response the old problem re-appeared ("Cannot find server") - no pages being opened.

When I do the Diagnostics test, the problem seems to be that the SYSTEM test always fails, and I can't tell why.

I had a good look at the modem lights when this happened and I can see that in 'good' use the data light flickers as you would expect. When I don't get any new pages I DON'T see any Data light flickers. For example, if I type in '' or even 'http:\' and then press enter, NOTHING happens on the modem data light and the 'Cannot find server' page shows.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I work in IT, and I thought I knew what I was doing.

I couldn't find any new USB or motherboard chipset drivers for his PC, so I'm a wee bit stuck.

The next port of call is to re-install XP, then SP2, then the modem drivers. My pal has now reconciled himself to the pain of re-installing all of his applications, cos this time I will do a complete new install, not the Win upgrade install.

So that's it, wish me luck, I may be gone some time......