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Details of the 15GB Usenet Cap?

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Details of the 15GB Usenet Cap?

Can someone point me at the details of the 15GB usenet CAP? I don't see it in the FUP, and I don't recall getting an email about it.

I have questions like:

Does it run on a calendar month or billing date to billing date?

Is there going to be a VMUU screen in the portal?

Does the 15Gb "roll over" if not used?

Does this include traffic to other usenet providers?

Details of the 15GB Usenet Cap?

Hi there,

As mentioned in another locked topic.

There is already a long running thread covering all the current usenet issues.

I would be grateful if you could post your question to that thread. Chances are that it has already been answered.

Feel free to join This discussion.


This thread is now locked.