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Deleted CCGI


Deleted CCGI

I found this morning that my ccgi space has been completely wiped. I was not aware that this had happened, having been busy for a couple of days, so the majority of my site has been down for this time.

I found the comment in the read-only service status forum that a scripting error had deleted some user's ccgi space'.

I asked the rep on the phone why I was not informed, and had been left to discover the error for myself. He said that they could not tell everyone as only a small number had been affected.

Surely they could have used the same script to see which users were affected!

It seems that they didn't consider this 'minority' important enough to find who they were and at least inform them.

I asked the rep the quickest way to 'chmod' my PHP files back to 740 to make them executable. An easy opportunity to recover from their embarrasment you'd think!

He told me to look on the website.

Deleted CCGI

Learn to like it - it's how F9 ccgi works!
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Deleted CCGI

The CGI platform is provided as a value added service and is not something that we fully support.

As such, our support staff are not the best people to ask if you have any technical queries on the platform such as changing file permissions, the best place to go for this sort of advice is the CGI forum, which is part of these very forums.

We realise that the recent loss of data from the platform is very inconvenient for those it has affected however we always recommend keeping a local copy of your site in case the worst should happen.

Deleted CCGI

Hi Ben,

I chose Force9 four years ago precisely because of their low-rate support line and 250mb web space. My main interest was in surfing the net and putting my own music online.

I have built my website gradually over this time yet have only used half the space.

I have recently been paying more money per month because of the amount downloaded from the site. And, incidentally, I was paying 14.99 per month for dial-up access for at least a year after the retail price had dropped to 4.99. I was never told.

I appreciate that the ccgi space is something extra, and I greatly appreciate having been able to build my expertise up gradually at a low cost.

Nevertheless as a valued customer (presumably) I had hoped for an apology at least for an error of this magnitude. Instead I was made to feel it was all my fault.

This kind of attitude towards customers seems to be the norm from big companies nowadays. I genuinely believed that Force9 were different. At one point, they were.


Deleted CCGI


Where has my web space gone! arghhghg scream, how the hell did that manage to do that. Ive had enough of hosting my site with F9. Time to move to better (shouldnt be hard to find, a 2 year old could do a better job!)


I also love the way F9 just so happen not to tell us its happend. As if to wipe blowing up a house under the mat!!!!!


Deleted CCGI

You can change your permissions with a script that f9 have ready for the task. telnet into your space and run: -c

and it will set all you file perms for you. Unfortunately though, it ain't working for me at the min. I get

find : ./tmp: Permission denied

I'm guessing it's probably to do with my space getting wiped yesterday.

Normally works great though, and it may still work for you
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Deleted CCGI


It looks like there's a problem with the fixphpperms script, the network guys are already on it to correct the error.
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Deleted CCGI

Re. not being told....

welcome to my (our) world...