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Definition of A Wizard


Definition of A Wizard

Cascading series of menus, which have overlapping subjects at each level, but none of which lead to anything you want.

Definition of A Wizard

Do you mean the contact us wizard?
You can sidestep it, but often you get a quicker response if you can find something that fits.
Also it tries to point you to some FAQ's relating to the problem you enter, in case that can help you without waiting for CS
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Re: Definition of A Wizard

Cascading series of menus, which have overlapping subjects at each level, but none of which lead to anything you want.

Sorry, that made made me laugh :lol:

I'd have said an old bloke with a pointy hat and a wand myself.

More to the point.... anything we can help with here?

Definition of A Wizard

Not a schoolboy with dark hair, and a scar on his forehead?

Back to topic -
Spare help us out by letting us know your issues, one of the people reading these forums is bound to be able to help you out

Definition of A Wizard

Frustration, frustration frustration.

The d*** wizards offer me upgrade, downgrade but no regrade. They offer accounts and they offer broadband, but these topics lead absolutely nowhere. Of course you have to waste ages pursuing these blind alleys. If it wasn't for the constant help and support of the leprechaun that lives on my left shoulder I would've gone crazy ages ago...

I just want to pay the £14.99 and get my line re-graded asap.

Definition of A Wizard

From the member centre, there is a link to change your connection speed.
"Wanna go Faster" From there, choose to change speed, then choose tha package you want.
Hey presto, charge of £14.99, and connection speed should change within 5-7 days.
If all else fails give them a call, (no at bottom of page)

Definition of A Wizard

Thanks James, but I think that is one of the blind alleys we have already visited.

That one is to change the type of account. I just want to get a higher rate on the Premier-up-to-2Mb account. I raised a Contact ticket about 12 hours ago but no reply yet.

Regards to all,

Definition of A Wizard

Why not use the upgrade wizzard rather than contact us?

The link is just under the banner at the top of this page.

Alternatly, you can use the contact us qizzard, using the following path.

  • Account Changes - Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancellations & Moving House
    • Upgrade my account
      • I wish to upgrade my existing Broadband account
        • I am having problems with the automated system

Definition of A Wizard

Ah - I get it now (nice sig)
If you hate the wizard for contact us that much, you can raise a contact us ticket without using the wizard. (Other Queries)
The downside is, that it won't neccesarily be assigned to the correct department immediately, and there could be a longer delay whilst you wait for it to be correctly assigned.

Definition of A Wizard

Thanks I have taken the path you suggest, which has the usual ambiguities about its usage.

(It's unclear whether the primary purpose of this path is to report why there's a problem, or to simply place your order. One of the standing rules for Contact Us is to keep it simple, and to the point. Tricky when there are two points.)

I left the other request for 24 hours because it seemed polite to give adequate time for a response.

My new Contact message is just:
I want to have my up-to-2Mb Premier line re-graded as soon as possible to improve the current speed from 500kb.

I understand this will involve a regrade fee of £14.99.

Thank you.

Definition of A Wizard


(My previousmessage was for "acarr", thanks to my s l o w typing...)

I had tried all these paths, including the one you propose now, but I gave up on that one when it took me to..........


Best regards to all

Definition of A Wizard

If you also include your mobile number, they might call you to make sure that all the bases are covered. Doesn't always work, but it might be worth a go?

(You can add this by going to the existing ticket, and choosing "Action Ticket", choose No, my issue is not resolved, and you get a box to add text to)

Definition of A Wizard

Can I ask why ity is ambigious?

To me, it would actualy seem your posts are more of this, that the contact us system.

The path seems to fit exactly with the task you are trying to perform. Lets look at it in a little more detail through each step.

1: It's obviously an account change you want, of the upgrade kind.

Although it has multiple purposes, it does clearly mention upgrade in the description, so se use it.

2: We are not moving, we are not migrating or canceling, we are not a PAYG customer, got a migration so the gurentee isn't involved, again we are not moving and it isn't anything to do with SDSL.

This leaves only downgrades and upgrades, for which it can quite easily be determined that you want an upgrade, so we use this link.

3: We are not looking at a wireless account, it's not a business account and it isn't a a metered or PAYG account.

The remaining options I will admit can come to a choice, however, the one to use is the one with the best description of your scenario. Your an existing broadband customers and you wish to upgrade.

4: This page explains the broadband upgrade process, and the times involved.

It has links to informational pages on upgrades for business and residential customers and an upgrade guide.

You have 2 choices at this point, a direct link to the automated upgrade system, which you should have tried already based on the response I gave above.

Where this fails, you have the alternative option of submitting a ticket to explain your problem and have it handled manualy.

Now the question to you.

I admit there are tedious paths in the wizzard for getting certain tasks done, but this is by far one of the easier tasks that you can do.

What exactly is wrong with it?

My description above pretty much shows that there are only 2 points in the wizzard where after rulling all other possibilities out, you are left with 2 options to choose from each time.

In one case, the description still best suits your dilema and in the second, both are the correct answer, granting you ability to get around the other should the first fail.

Definition of A Wizard

Ah, thanks everybody for your help.

Instant response to my new ticket - all seems to be progressing well.

A couple of separate points though:

1. I smell a bit of a rat here. I think PlusNet wanted a clear acceptance from me about the fee. When I migrated and signed up it seemed that here would be no fee involved in this change. On signup there was an ambiguous note about a regrade being requested, even though there was no ticket in an "Open" state. There had never been any mention of the fee; everything seemed to imply that there would not be one. So I think that PlusNet might be waiting for clear acceptance from their new members, without them trying to compromise their position. (/conspiracy theory)

2. To be fair to PlusNet they are already proving much better than my previous ISP; the Ticket system is at brilliant attempt to keep users informed. All it need a clearer indication of the status of each ticket and of the overall account. i.e. who is waiting for whom and why.

3. My speed on PlusNet is about 10% better than it was with my previous ISP. (Any explantion for this would be welcome!) So I shouldn't really complain, should I.

4. Plusnet are costing me about 30% less per month.

All this, and helpful folks on the efficient boards.

Regards to all

Definition of A Wizard


I can't argue with anything you say, and thanks again for your suggested route, which seems to have worked a treat.

(Of course it's not my primary purpose to be unambiguous on this board, whereas it is surely a purpose of the Wizards.)

Anyway your point is taken and thanks again