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Deffered Activation Fee


Deffered Activation Fee

Now then.

I joined over a year ago. At the time I was with Tiscali. As my Tiscali contract was being cancelled I ordered up with PlusNet. Tiscali kept forgetting to release my line. Infact it took that long that we had purchased a new house and was about to move, I contacted plusnet and told them that i was about to move and that I wished to cancell my order and that I would resubmit the order when I got to the new house. They told me not to bother and they would connect me at my new house when I gave them the nod and that It would not cost me anything.

SO.........we moved and carried the phone number with us. About 3 days before we moved tiscali released the line, and you guessed it.......plusnet connected us at the old house as soon as they saw the line go free. Thus tying my number to there broadband service at my old address - so i could not even take out another ISP if I wanted to cus plus were hogging my line.

I now want to cancel with them and they say I have to pay a £52 defferred connection fee, and are adamant I will pay it.

I just don't get it, and my blood is starting to boil.

Furthermore, it takes these bandits 3 days to answer an open ticked, with a 3 sentence, just pay us and we will cancel your product.

Any 'defferral' which is not what they called it at the time, they completely f....d up anyway.

Advice please.

Deffered Activation Fee

Well, they'll need the connection fee as this is what they paid BT to connect your line. You agreed to pay this when you signed up, so I doubt its easy to wriggle out of.

When not just use the "Move my broadband" option on the portal?

Also, why did you cancel Tiscali and signup with Plus, rather than just asking Tiscali for a MAC code?

Deffered Activation Fee


Please clarify whether PN charged you again when you moved from your old house to your new one? From what I can see they may you activate your BB to your old house but to a telephone number that was being moved to your new house. So normally you would have to pay 2 activation fees, one for the old house and the another for the move. It look as PN is only charging one, so what is the problem?

Deffered Activation Fee

I think @pchambers has hit the nail perfectly on the head!

It appears the connection at the old house was via MAC since there is clearly only one connection fee on the account.

When moving house, (whether moving ADSL to the house, or simply moving in and ordering a new ADSL service) there will always be a connection fee.

This is because the phone account for the new house will be new - thus there is no existing ADSL service.

Therefore it follows logically that there must be a charge for activation.

So, for the £52 deferred fee you have outstanding, £47 would have been incurred whether or not PN activated your BB at your old house - (you would have either paid it as part of a house move fee, or paid it as a new connection fee at your new house). You have, it appears, been incorrectly billed the standard £5 admin charge for a house move, which you should be able to contest.

Check back through all closed tickets on your account via the Help and Support questions portal. Start from the bottom and work upwards until you find the ticket referring to PN not activating your account at your old house.
Once you have found the correct ticket (even if you phoned, one will have been raised by the agent who answered the phone) and checked that there is written confirmation that the provision would not go ahead at your old premises, you will then have sufficient evidence that the £5 has been incorrectly billed to your account.
PN should then reduce the bill by £5, leaving you with the correct outstanding amount - £47.00
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Deffered Activation Fee

It's an activation fee. At the time of signing up, BT will have charged us £50+VAT to activate the telephone line in question.

I'm not sure what happened regarding the old house new house thing. But the deferred activation fee is definitely for the activation charges incurred at the current residence.

Deffered Activation Fee


£50 plus VAT is by my calculation (50 * 1.175) £58.75

How does that tally with a £52 fee?

Is VAT at a different rate for ADSL provisioning?