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Deferred Fees


Deferred Fees

Been along time since I visited the forums (been along time since I had a problem Cheesy )

Decided I might finally move away from PN as it really is money down the drain, £29.99 a month for average quota and speed seems alittle steep. Am looking at getting Sky and taking up their offer of cheap broadband :roll: yeah I know, but Im not made of money Wink

Is there any update on PN dropping the deferred fees? or will I be stuck for another 2/3 years :lol: I'm tight and don't like spending money.

Deferred Fees

This will teach me to search before I post Cheesy

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Deferred Fees

Hi there,

We waived deferred fees which had been present for more than a year back in April, and any fees added since or which have been in place for less than a year have been modified to expire at the one year anniversary.

With regards your product, have you considered one of our shiny new packages? Smiley