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Defered activation fee


Defered activation fee

Does anyone know if there is any way to get this wavered now that I wish to leave plusnet?

Basically I'm not happy about the 15gb usenet restriction thats being placed on account, and basically rendered my ADSL connection useless to me. However had the limit been 30gb or 50gb then I would have been happy with that.

Anyway, I've spoke to plusnet who say that I I probably never received an email regarding the changes because I never downloaded more than 15gb from usenet last month, hmmmm, no, infact it was closer to 50-60gb I downloaded from usenet.

They say if I want to leave I have to pay the defered activation fee, but when you add this and the activation fee for a new provider up, thats over 100 pound to pull out.

Any ideas?

Defered activation fee

You do not have to pay for another activation unless you cease and reprovide..

If you request your MAC key, you will only have to pay the defered activation fee plus the migration fee for a MAC, if you are on annual contract you will have to pay off the remainder of the contract.

The activation fee is the amount all ISP's have to pay BT when you connect, you cannot expect them to wave this is when you leave, you also had the chance to pay this as a one off payment instead of defering when you joined up.