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Default Plusnet actions after leaving


Default Plusnet actions after leaving

I've got a MAC in my hand...and oh boy I've used it. As of December 27th, I should have a different ISP.

However - obviously, there's the odd email that we've not sorted out etc - so is the default Plusnet next-step-after-leaving a downgrade to PAYG Dial-Up - or is that something I will have to ask for, and if so - when? Murphys law ( and my experience of Plusnet support ) dictate that if I do a support ticket now saying "When the switch occurs, we would like to downgrade to PAYG Dial-up" - then some monkey is going to do it now and screw things up.

What are other peoples experiences in a post plusnet world in terms of wrapping things up for their account, billing etc.


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Default Plusnet actions after leaving

When you are up and running on your new ISP, got to the place in Help & Support where you requested your MAC. Underneath the list of ISPs there is an option to say your migration has completed. When you select that you can key in text box. Give the date your migration completed, request the downgrade and ask for your refund if you have paid for beyond your 30 days notice period.
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