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Debt Collecters And Bad Credit ratings...


Debt Collecters And Bad Credit ratings...

Here's a little story for you....

Left Bulldog to join Plusnet on the 31st August. I was looking for something cheap and cheerful and had been with them for almost a year up untill August of 2004.

I do alot of video editing and have some friends in America, we share files to edit through legal torrent sites etc.

So I pay my £21.99 and £14.99 to get my line upgarded to 2 meg.

Within a week of joining plusent I notice that my download speeds are incredibly poor and with my work suffering I decide that I feel their service is not approraite for me and my work needs and that I would like to cancel my account with them.

So I do! Through the portal, requesting that I do not adhere to their new Terms and Conditions and also citing their PLusnet quarentee.

After a couple of emails asking me if I really want to cancel I finally recieve my MAC key and an email stating that when I use this to migrate, that my account will be cancelled.

All's going well I think, helpfull people, very understanding...nice one!

On the 26th September( 26 days after joining Plusenet) my line drops and I input the new setting from my new ISP who have informend me that my migration was sucessful.

Now the fun bit!!
On the 4th October I recieve an email from PLusnet requesting £21.99 from my account...AND I'VE GOT ONE EVERY OTHER DAY SINCE!!!

According to numerous emails they say that I'M STILL WITH THEM!!!

I keep telling them that I'm not! And have provided evidence, screenshots etc! The final nice touch been a letter, just recieved, stating:

If we do not hear from you in the next seven days, your account will be passed to an external debt recovery company, which could incur extra charges. This could also have an adverse effect on your Credit rating, for which Plusnet PLC will not be held responsabile.

This is not funny and I'm not laughing!!

Debt Collecters And Bad Credit ratings...

When you went through the contact us bit did you actually ask that your account was cancled or give the 30 day notice .If this is the case it looks like they have tried to take the next months money. which they would if the notice period went past your payment date .Might be easyer giving the CS line a ring to find out if this could be the case.If it is they might just tell you it needs to be in writing through contact us which will mean 30 days notice from when you do that .if they say you are still with them at the monent then you need to do this or they will continue to try to take the monthly fee .Or at least phone up to find out ,mistakes do happen tickets misread etc .Either way at the moment it looks as though your termination notice may not have been clear or the period runs into another payment month.
Either way giving them a call is the only way to sort out this problem .

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Debt Collecters And Bad Credit ratings...

When you went through the contact us bit did you actually ask that your account was cancled or give the 30 day notice

Actually from the OP post he was migrating out due to not accepting the new T&Cs introduced mid Sept so the 30 day notice etc. do not apply.

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Debt Collecters And Bad Credit ratings...

This type of issue is best dealt with via the link:Contact Us system.

Please raise a ticket and we will investigate this further.