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Dear Plusnet support


Dear Plusnet support

I was wondering if there was any chance that my broadband connection with plusnet might be activated before the set actvation date?

It's not that plusnet have failed me in any way it's just that I was originally trying to set up with Bulldog and was waiting over two months to be connected and now that my plusnet connection is only days away I'm more excited than a kid at Christmas.

Also, how will I know when my connection is ready? Currently I have my internet connection with my internal modem that came with the computer and my external ADSL modem plugged into a USB port. This morning my computer told me that my external modem was requesting information and wanted to be connected to the internet, what does that mean?

This will be the first time I've experienced broadband so please if you can plusnet make a little boy happy this week and get me connected early and I'll
make sure everyone I know signs up with you.

Big Thanks to Plusnet

Dear Plusnet support

Hi there,

It is likely that BT may have enabled your phone line earlier than the published commit date.

If your modem is synching with the exchange eg getting a steady adsl or link light then it is likely that your line has been enabled early.

if you enter your username, generally and the password you chose on signup see if you get authenticated. If that fails ring support on 0845 1400200 and tell them you have been activated early.

Only do this if you have synch with the exchange.

Also ensure that your 56k modem is disconnected and that all telephone extensions and sky boxs are filtered.

Dear Plusnet support

Thanks for the quick reply,

My ADSL light is still flashing so I guess I'm not synch'ed just yet. (If there's anything I can do to speed up the process let me know)

Sorry for sounding horrifyingly thick but I'm assuming that in order for my external modem to get synch'ed I'll have to plug in the internet cable that's presently plugged into my internal modem.

Cheers again Plusnet
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Dear Plusnet support

That is correct. And welcome to the forums!

Dear Plusnet support

Hi trentboy2,

No worries. We all have to start somewhere.

in short, there is no way to speed up the process and yes, your adsl modem will have to be plugged in in order to get synch. If it is connected to your filter / splitter the adsl modem (depending on the type of cable in use)can remain plugged into the adsl side whilst your 56k modem can remain connected to the phone side. just remember to disconnect your dial up when your adsl connects. Dont get the two type of ports on your filter confused.
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Dear Plusnet support

If you have any doubt's about how to wire up your ADSL then there is a helpful tutorial here which should help you avoid some of the pitfalls

Dear Plusnet support

Ok wiring sorted.

Another thing i have noticed is that when treing to get connected is that when entering my Plusnet username and password at the bottom where it says dial there is no phone number just a zero.

Again hopefully just me being thick but I was under the impression that broadband didn't need a phone number like when your using dial-up, hence dial-up! However if I do need a phone number to get connected where do I get it from.

Incidently the ADSL modem I am using is a Speedtouch 330 not the one provided by Plusnet. This was given to me by my old broadband provider whom only ever managed to provide me with two things Jack and sh*t. Wink

Cheers for your help.

Dear Plusnet support

Glad the wiring is sorted.

You are correct, you dont need a number to dial up for adsl. Some modems look as though they do but 0 should work in that field.
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Dear Plusnet support


Because the modem uses Windows' dial-up networking software to connect up with you need to enter a number in the phone number field. This isn't dialed, it's just there to trick windows into letting you use a dial-up connection for broadband.

Dear Plusnet support

The joys of Microshaft!

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