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Deactivating my account


Deactivating my account

Ticket Number 20111542
For the love of god will someone in Plusnet please give me an honest answer and deactivate my connection as requested and promised so I can finally sign up with another provider who can give me decent level of customer service, not make me wait 3 days for a response to a ticket, have a customer call service that actually works without telling you to use the Help and Support webpages after pressing different options for 5 minutes and give me a connection that lasts more than 10 minutes without having to re-set it.
If I wasn't so fond of my hair I'd be tearing it out in strips. I can't believe you can get away with this level of customer service.
Anyone got a number for Offcom, Offtel to whatever Off I can complain to?Huh
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Deactivating my account

Have you requested a MAC key? This is the normal way to transfer to another provider although customers on the LLU product can have a tougher job transferring at present

Deactivating my account

Well it's the 25th now, 2 days after being told my line would be deactivated and lo and behold..still not done..just what is going onHuh
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Deactivating my account

Hi there

I've passed this to our provisioning team for further investigation, a further update should be added today.

Deactivating my account

5 days later and STILL no update or resolution. :roll:
Getting very annoyed and seriously considering a visit to Plusnet offices to have it out with someone!!!!

Deactivating my account

Rather than try and explain the situation I now find myself in I thought it would just be easier to post the entire question which I initially raised...have a read through.
I have basically been lied to by Link:CUAremoved who said there WAS a cease on my account when now it transpires there was NO SUCH THING.
This is by far the WORST level of customer service I have ever experienced and let it be known that I shall be visiting Plusnet offices to air my greivances seeing as it takes 5 days to get a response from the so called Help and Support section...I am so miffed it is you get away with this level of incompetence is beyond me

Support Wizard Journey]
[I did NOT take the 30 Day Free Trial]

[Additional Information]
I accidentally closed the question that was dealing with cancellation of my account.
There were 2 open questions..ID 20037208 in which I originally requested cancellation and ID 20078552 in which a date of 23rd August was given as a cease on the line.
I am trying to get a definitive answer as to what is happening to my account. As it stands I think the line will be deactivated on the 23rd and a payment will be required on the 30th.
Can you confirm this to be the case.
I have cancelled my direct debit so if you can let me know what is outstanding on my bill form the last payment up to the 23rd then I shall pay by card once confirmation has been recieved.

Numpty No.1 CSC Agent 9:35am, Tuesday 22nd August 2006
Dear Mr Oles,
The final subscription payment is due on 30/08/06, however the ADSL service is due to cease on 23/8/06 at your request.

Numpty No.1

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Your comment 8:42am, Wednesday 23rd August 2006
So has the line been deactivated??
I'll not expect a response for at least 2 days by which time it won't matter but maybe you could suprise me??

Numpty No.2 CSC Agent 2:17pm, Wednesday 23rd August 2006
Dear Mr Oles,
Checking your account it would appear the line is due to be ceased by the end of the day. You'll be able to confirm once the cease has completed as your ADSL light may start flashing.

Hope this information helps.

Numpty No.2

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Your comment 9:01am, Thursday 24th August 2006
Contrary to what you have told me my connection is still active. Can you PLEASE de-acivate it as requested

Your comment 10:04am, Friday 25th August 2006
Friday 25th, 2 days after you said you would de-activate the line and it is still active!!!!

Numpty No.3 Training/Comms 10:26am, Friday 25th August 2006
Dear Mr Oles,
I am passing this on for further investigation and action.


No cease shown in TRP, please ensure is placed correctly and completes ASAP.

Numpty No.3

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Numpty No.4 CSC Agent 10:39am, Friday 25th August 2006
This is a TC cease request passing to correct pool to be actioned
Numpty No.4

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit

Your comment 1:31pm, Friday 25th August 2006
Wasn't it in the correct pool when I made the initial requestHuh?

Your comment 9:04am, Tuesday 29th August 2006
Is anyone going to deal with this problemHuh

Your comment 10:33am, Wednesday 30th August 2006
It's now 5 days since your last unhelpful response to my request...5 DAYS!!!!!
Is it too much to ask from someone to sort this out NOW??

Numpty No.5 CSC Agent 3:59pm, Wednesday 30th August 2006
Dear Mr Oles,
I have checked you account and it would appear that there was no cease placed. I am sorry for this delay, I have gone ahead and placed the cease, it is due to complete on 06/09/06.
Numpty No.5

To administer your account and for all your help and support requirements visit