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Day 3


Day 3

Ok, its day 3, I still have sub standard speed. Just done a speed test and got 8kbps

great, but at least I am no longer off sick and can go to work happy in the knowledge that when I come home my slow connection will still be waiting for me.

If I released my payments to you in a slower speed, say £2 per week (roughly 5%) and spread it out to macth my connection, would that be ok?

I doubt it, but its ok for you to provide me with a slow speed.

I quote from my ticket i raised, the response being "we are monitoring it and will make a decision in 24 hours"

That was on monday. Are you also trickling my time? Does the 24hours actually mean it will be 20 days? (in direct lengthing of time comparable to the direct degradation of my speed?)

25 users where removed from the pipe yesterday.
countless other users have migrated

and yet, speeds are still the same

speedtest just done now give me a speed of 4kbps

well done.

as stated over 24 hours agos, my dialup modem can beat that. If i wasnt about to set off to work I would drive down to PN hq with a length of string and tin can. I already have 1 tin can here so i might as wel help you communicate with me.

[Moderator's note by Chris (Eurotrain4): Thread locked - please keep all feedback regarding performance on the high usage pipe to a single thread - it is unfair of you to expect PlusNet feedback in multiple threads, when they are all covering the same ground]