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Data Transfers so so slow. Software detecting firewall HELP!


Data Transfers so so slow. Software detecting firewall HELP!

i'm having slowdown issues.. but i have pin pointed it to what is (to me) an almost impossible cause. Several pieces of software i use are now reporting i have a firewalled connection, when (for valid reasons) i have no firewall whatsoever (not even Windows Firewall), and this is really starting to make sending and recieving rather slow. http is fine, but other software (yes, i have legitimate uses) report this "firewall blocking your connection" and it goes to a crawl, for uploads, and has an effect on downloads also.

For example, Windows Live Messenger in the last week has suddenly detected a firewall present between myself and the public internet, which in turn, makes any file transfers through it go at around 2k/sec, which, after asking several friends on plusnet, seems not just to be isolated to me. Other friends on other isp's have reported no issues. Other software that uses direct ip to ip connections now state i cannot use this feature because "your computer has a firewall"

This is the same with other transfer software, all reporting the same firewall, which i know does not exist at my end.

Any ideas guys? Sneeky plusnet firewalling? Because i have eliminated my router, and hardware, and put a USB Modem in its place, and completely disabled the Windows Firewall service, i know without question it isnt my equipment causing a "firewall" to be detected.

Spyware and virus checks also completed, but like i said, its not just me, other friends on plusnet in entirely different parts of the country are getting the exact same issues.

Any help or information would be appreciated, i would hate to think our connections would be limited in this way.