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Data Transfer Watch and View My Usage

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Data Transfer Watch and View My Usage

Simple question:

How come the 2Gb limit I've "bought" using Data Transfer Watch does not show up in the "View My Usage" tool (which still shows a 1Gb limit)?
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Data Transfer Watch and View My Usage

I believe Data Transfer Watch just says that the system will not allow you to go over 2GB of Data, not that you have bought it in advance.


Hi Digsy,

I dont know if this is of any help for you but I recently found a great little freeware program called "NetMeter" (Its a beta version but works brilliantly and was written by the same person who created DU Meter shareware). NetMeter is a real gem (the version I recommend is beta2 version).

OK NetMeter is absolutely brilliant as it measures both your upstream & downstream usage, daily,weekly,monthly,projected valus, & total values. You can set yourself a monthly limit and the program will alert you if it thinks your going to exceed the limit set (it doesnt stop you exceeding your limit, it just warns you! in advance). This is such a great tool that I'd now be lost without it, absolutely excellent program 10 out of 10 Highly recommended.

You can download netmeter for free at (URL)
or email:

Regards Ivan

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Data Transfer Watch and View My Usage

I can also recommend NetMeter.

It's highly configurable so it will match your colour scheme, and the transparancy works a treat! Cool

Replying Ivan

HI Dixon,

**Well OK this is a wee bit off topic I know but!!! Gosh!! Talk about a small world I used to live above the old fire station in Bethnal Green many years ago & used to be involved with the Chisenhale Arts Collective back in the 1980's.

Ivan :lol: