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Dallas returms?


Dallas returms?

You see, I knew all that tele watching was a good thing in the '80's

Just like wee Pammy, I wake to find the whole last two monhts has been just a dream. It seemed so real, people were so certain, facts were indisputable..

But no, twas simply reverie, a mid-spring night's dream (albeit complete with Bottom's and asses)

Not only are my FP and cgi sites working BUT

FUP never existed.....

Ah well, another note to the makers of Horlick's - they sell real good stuff obviously.

Or maybe I'm, dreaming this, and it'll all change back again...

Spooky eh?

Dallas returms?

*Looks for the huge shoulder pads! and bright red lippy Shocked *
apparently i make for a good sue ellen!!! :shock: