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DSLMax & Alternate Network Supplier - FAQ

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DSLMax & Alternate Network Supplier - FAQ



Q) What effect will the LLU service have on my connection?
A) For residential customers, you will be able to receive higher upload speeds than you would be able to on a BT DSLMax connection. You will also potentially be able to receive speeds of upto 24Mbps once these become available, which is expected considerably sooner than would be available on a BT Wholesale provided service.

Q) Which users are covered by the LLU Migration Plan?
A) Customers of PlusNet, Force9 and Free Online that are on Tiscali Exchanges.

Q) Can users on F9, Free-Online and PlusNet opt out of LLU Migration
A) Yes, by visiting

Q) How do I opt-out of being moved to an LLU service
A) Please visit and follow the instructions to raise an appropriate ticket to opt out of this service.

Q) Will I be able to opt back IN for LLU at a later time?
A) This will not be possible as it is an automated process and we will not be raising manual orders.

Q) If I opt-out of LLU, will I then be regraded to BTs DSLMax service?
A) Yes as long as it is not found that you are receiving the maximum speed already as is the case with some customers.

Q) What are the terms and requirements of the refunds process for customers who have been moved to Tiscali LLU?
A) This will be discussed with the customer on a case by case basis. However, we are hopeful that a migration process from LLU to IPStream will be available by approximately June time.

Q) Can customers who have been moved to Tiscali LLU but are NOT leaving PlusNet ask to be moved back to BTs DSLMax service?
A) Not after the move has already taken place.

Q) Will simultaneous reprovides be possible?
A) If the same telephone number is being kept, this is not a possibility with the current provisioning process as the cease needs to be completed before any one can place a provide. However if you are moving or changing lines then we can do this.



Q) Why have there been so many different upgrade plans mentioned?
A) Because it is a complicated process, partly down to us trying to be fair to loyal customers which created the need for a more complicated process, and secondly down to BT redefining the process repeatedly as to how many orders we will be allowed to place. There has also been some internal miscommunication which has not helped the matter at hand.

Q) How do I request an upgrade now?
A) Simply goto and click on the link that allows you to queue jump, and raise a ticket stating that you would like to be upgraded as soon as possible.

Q) How long will the upgrade take?
A) We cannot commit to an actual date, but please be assured that we will do this as soon as possible, it is expected that the free uplift if customers will take several months to complete.

Q) How many queue-jumpers will be allowed each day and how many “scheduled” orders will be placed each day?
A) Again, we cannot commit to a certain number, but we will schedule the queue-jumpers over the normal regrades wherever possible.

Q) Will there be a charge for the queue-jump?
A). It’s as simple as raising a ticket. We are not charging for this process

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