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DSLMax Upgrade Time

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DSLMax Upgrade Time

I'm not complaining, just intrigued to know.

A work colleague of mine is with Zen, and he ordered a DSLMax upgrade from them last Saturday. Right away he got a response from them saying his line would be upgraded to DSLMax on Monday between 11am and midday.

All Im asking is if one broadband provider can be so precise as to when an upgrade will take place, then why cant PN.

Remember Im not complaining about not being upgraded yet... I'm happy to wait as long as it takes, Im just wondering why PN say they don't know when an individual line will be done when obviously some ISP's can?
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DSLMax Upgrade Time

Because Zen are placing individual orders when people request the upgrade. PN are upgrading ALL their broadband lines and thus have to place 200,000 orders with BT at 700ish a day (the limit BT are imposing).

So it is not actually possible to know when PN can submit a Max upgrade order for a single line. Once the order has gone in then it normally takes 5 -> 7 days to complete. PN were emailing people when the order was placed but the system doing that broke due to BT changing how orders were placed on their automated system so it can no longer find the orders to issue the emails against.

PN have tried to prioritise the ordering system from doing PAYG first to doing oldest customers first to doing the q-junp customers first to not really knowing who to do first. No matter what order they are being done, many will stiill see delays of many months before getting their upgrade.