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DSLAM - Upgrade question

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Registered: 31-07-2007

DSLAM - Upgrade question

Hello, just a quick question.

i was told by a pn admin that its possible my line cannot get 2meg speed after checking my number with an adsl checker.

however my friend has just been upgraded to 2meg who lives near me, im infact close to the exchange than he is.

if we are both on the same DSLAM number (and we are) and its going through a phase of upgrade which started in may, then surely i will get upgraded to 2meg shortly?

CE/UJ_DSL_101 Upgrades on this DSLAM will commence in May 2005
carlisle exchange


DSLAM - Upgrade question

Your line could have more noise than your friends line and so be failing for that reason. If you can post your line stats from your modem/router someone on here will let you know what the theoretical maximum you can get is...