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DNS server fault????


DNS server fault????

I have just found that is failing, unable to surf but changed it to and its all fine. I have as my 2nd DNS. Is this all correct?

Another Q, in my DHCP, should I set the DNS to the router (which does work), or should I hand out the above DNS servers under DHCPHuhHuh


i was dished out .9 and .10

it would appear .10 is ok but .9 is timing out 40% of the time.

how sad is it that you can't rely on your own ISP's DNS servers.

my 1 year is up and i leaving this shower of ships for someone who doesn,t

*Delete all my email
* delete my webspace
* moved me to LLU even when i have opted.
* generally act like they dont have phreaking clue.
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DNS server fault????

I contacted support twice over this last night. The 1st time I reported problems and gave the details of sites I could and could not see.

A few hrs later tried again and still had problems I could not get anywhere near pn website so phoned other family members and asked them the check the status pages as the STAUTS PHONE LINE HAD NO INFOMATION, as useful as a chocolate tea pot!

I asked for a list of alternative dns servers to try and the support agent would not help.

All I was told was to raise a ticket. When I pointed out that the DNS issue made this impossible, no PN webiste no ACCESS to email, he started to repeat like a parrot that that was the only way to contiue raising the issue.

He said there were no DNS issues, and he even put me on hold to apparently check. I knew there were, all i was after was alternate dns server details.

The CS support was the poorest I have had yet. CS agent not acceptiong and admiting problems exist, the staus line not updated and the only way to raise a connection fault was via e-mail.

Why have a connection fault no.

PN your getting worse. If someone at PN could listen to my call and advise why the cs agent gave wrong info contray to the info my family coud see online, and why he was uable to give out alternate dns details. I'd be interested to see if you think the call was as customer friendly and helpful as you wish it to be.

Also could someone please confirm if the latest dns issues mean that all mail sent to my hosted domain could once again be lost as the dns servers were unable to re-direct any traffic for it.



DNS server fault????

Things have hit rock bottom, I am still having mailing problems and the ticket is now a week old. I am giving them 7 days then I'm off to Zen with everyone else.

So, they stae they have another 2 DNS servers! I am confused now as there seems to be 5 DNS. My router picks up.10 and my DHCP is handing out .9 and 13.50, is this okHuh

DNS server fault????

I too had dns problems this morning and rang the service status line.The message was that there are no known service issues (as usual). So I got around the problem by using the opendns server ( or Then I went to the plusnet site - service status - internet connectivity - and saw that they've been having dns problems for the last few days. So why no message on the service status line? And why was amcclean not told of the problems when calling cs? Has communication stopped inside plusnet too?