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DNS record update mechanism?


DNS record update mechanism?

I wonder what the process is by which the PlusNet hosted DNS records begin propagation.

I entered records the day before yesterday and they began propagation with a couple of hours. Every change I've made since then hasn't appeared. The oldest of which was 40 hours ago.

How are these changes batched? Is it the case that when I make a change, all the pending changes are discarded?
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DNS record update mechanism?

Check for errors in what you have entered.

DNS record update mechanism?

Done that, obviously.

Even had a CSC agent look at them and tell me they were OK.

Then I got another CSC agent to look at them and he told me they were OK too.

40 hours elapsed.

They've finally appeared at after two days.

I had MX entries with equal priorities (a standard configuration) and I reckon they were breaking the update scripts, and this was mended yesterday. Just a theory.