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DNS entries not dynamically allocated anymore


DNS entries not dynamically allocated anymore


I have had problems connecting to any webpages since around noon on Sunday (15-Jun-2003). At first it was only one of two computers on my network.

By today, Monday 16-Jun, both computers were experiencing the same problem. It was resolved by Anthony, the ticket info is copied below.

Time Ticket ID: 7299659 Raised by: Internal Via: Internal On: 2003-06-16 13:58:43 Status
13:58:43 Comment By: Anthony Thompson
Customer Support Centre customer not getting dns.

entered google's ip address, which worked.

customer entering dns numbers into router.

if this fails, will call us back. Closed

But, I have a complaint to make. Firstly, I do not appreciate being fobbed off, when in the end, a second call resolved the issue. Please put a word out to your support staff, the extra time spent in frustration, was time wasted as far as I'm concerned, and thanks again to Anthony for being more courteous.

I had to enter the DNS addresses into my SMC Barricade broadband router, to resolve the issue. Prior to this there were no DNS entries, and it worked fine (dynamically allocated I assume). I have a Conexant ADSL ethernet router connected to my phone line from my SMC box. For some reason putting the DNS entries into the Conexant box did not work. Maybe these details will help others with similar setups or problems.

My other query is, why after all this time not having entered the DNS addresses directly into either boxes, do I suddenly have to enter them? What has changed in the meantime? Although not urgent, I would like to find out what has caused this so that possibly future DNS related problems are avoided.

DNS entries not dynamically allocated anymore

There are mutlple reasons, but I suspect the last one as the culpret.

1: Faulty firmware on router.

2: Issue assigning them from +net

Many many more, but skipping due to brain lagg

3: Assigning PC addresses before obtaining.

You PC's may be obtaining the IP addresses from the router, before the router has the details itself.

The router can't send the DNS IPs unless it has the from +net.

Manualy saving them into the router, will eliminate the requirment.

DNS entries not dynamically allocated anymore

Is this like a timing issue? Turn off and on your router before turning on the PCs so that the router has the DNS addresses dynamically allocated before having to supply a PC such an address.

Am I on the right track?

If this is a problem, then is there a way of writing some script to reallocate an address to a PC after the router has the DNS details so that I can avoid the problem being a timing issue as assumed above?

OR, assuming the DNS addresses hardly ever evolve, do I just maintain them manually? How will I ensure I am informed of DNS address changes?

DNS entries not dynamically allocated anymore

Yes you are correct.

When changes take place, they usualy leave the old ones in operation for some time.

I suspect notification would go out in the monthly news letter.