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DI 514 does work?


DI 514 does work?

I got a Thomson SpeedTouch 510v6 gateway and DI-514 wirelss router. But when I used only the Thomson Speed tourhc 510 v6 gateway, it is working well. However, when I connected the modem with the router according to the manual of DI 514, I can not get access to internet anymore. I also go to the dlink support website and reset all the stuff under the guidance,still not working. Comments are greatly appreciated!

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DI 514 does work?

Possibly the machine isn't getting an IP address for some reason.

This assumes it's a Windows 2000 or better PC...

Check that the DHCP server is switched on in the wireless router, and in Windows control panel that the machine isn't set up with a fixed IP address.

If you start a command prompt and type IPCONFIG, it should tell you it has an IP address of 192.168.something (or 10.something), with a similar default gateway.

Do you have any other machines on the network? Can the machine see those other machines?