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DG834GT CHAP authentication failure


DG834GT CHAP authentication failure

I'm experiencing a problem with the DG834GT router - where although it states that I'm connected my
CHAP authorisation fails. This has worked perfectly for a year.

Interesting enough if I then connect my ADSL SpeedTouch USB modem it works fine.

Why is my DG834GT failing - I know the username and password are correct. It looks like the router is at fault but I've just received this from Netgear as a replacement.
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DG834GT CHAP authentication failure

I have the DG834G (not GT) but it is most likely very similar.

Make sure you have encapsulation (in Basic Settings) at PPPoa

That seems to be the only setting there apart from login and password.

login - are you using or Some accounts require the former.

Did you say it worked with this make of router before for you?