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Cutoffs on Connect Standard


Cutoffs on Connect Standard

Has PlusNet recently introduced or shortened the period for inactivity cut-offs on the dial-up connections.

Never had any problems before, but in last few days, my connection disconnects after only about 4 minutes of non activity. This is becoming quite irritating as frequent reconnections are required while viewing complex pages that I want to think about.

All settings on my PC are set to disconnect after 20 minutes, so I suspect that it is either PlusNet or BT that is disconnecting me.

It just cut out on me as I was typing this, so will need to reconnect to send it!
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Cutoffs on Connect Standard


We have not chnaged anything on ouir side in relation to the Unmetered Dialup platform. I can see your dropping connections from our logs at this side. The reason reported for the loss of connection is "Lost carrier", which normally suggests that noise on your line is causing the modem to lose communciation witht he Modems at BTs side. It could of course be a BT problem and this needs to be ruled out.

The best way to do this is to perform a test dialup on one of our 0845 numbers (0845 1400101 for example). Remember that you will be charged at local rate for this number and this is just a test! We need to know whether 0845 exibits the same symptoms before we proceed with fault finding on your connection...



Cutoffs on Connect Standard


Thanks for prompt, informed reply.

Have done some testing over past hour:-

4 connections set up using PlusNet 0845 number varying in length from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Loaded one web page at start of session, then no more data passed.
No disconnections experienced

6 connections set up using PlusNet Connect 0808 number. Loaded one web page at start of session, then no more data passed.
All connections cut-out at the following times from last known data:-
1 min 30 secs
2 min
2 min
2 min
3 min
10 min

Additional sessions where mail program set up to collect mail every 60 second (for trial purposes only) did not disconnect.

It really looks as if 0808 sessions have some form of an activity timer on them.

I am aware that during school holidays (as now) it is often harder to get a connection due to heavy contention, but once connected there has never been any disconnection problems in the past. Problems started about 2 days ago.

I am connecting from my 01702 xxxxxx phone number.

Hope this helps.

Would you prefer me to raise this formally as a Ticket or is this enough?
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Cutoffs on Connect Standard

Hi there,

With your disconnections showing as lost carrier, and with 0845 not experiencing the same problems (this is backed up by our logs) it is likely that the problem is an incompatibility between your modem and BT (who terminate the call).

The reason this could have cropped up now is that BT may have upgraded the firmware on their termination equipment (they do this all the time) and your drivers are now not quite compatible.

I would definately advise that you update your modem drivers to the latest version, even if you have done so not that long ago. If this does not help, contact BT on 150 and ask them to turn up the gain on your line. If you are still having problems at this point raise the issue through Contact Us and we will provide you with a "FRIACO Fault Form" which we can submit to BT for further investigation.


Cutoffs on Connect Standard

Thanks Josh.

Am quite happy to accept that it is a BT FRIACO problem, but I don't think it is modem drivers or circuit gain.

I did the tests using 2 different computers, one is a new one running XP updated with the latest new modem drivers and the other an older Win 98 machine with a modem which is no longer supported for updates.

Fact that problem shows on both machines makes me suspect that it is something else.

I am close to the exchange and modems negotiate a solid 45.3kbit/s every time, so gain is probably OK too.

Simplest solution for me is just to keep my mail checker polling for mail every minute to keep the connection operational.

Thanks again for your help.

Cutoffs on Connect Standard

I am also experiancing cut offs when there shouldn't be any, it seems to have been these past two days, could it be a problem with the weather i.e water getting into the connections/junctions as we have had all this heavy rain etc..
I am on the Connect Lite User scheme.
Normally the line isn't dropped until I decide to disconnect but today it has been awful, dropping out several times.
I know noise on the line can cause a problem and as I write this it has just dropped off after a mere 8 minutes so here goes yet another redial :x