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Customer support Need Extra training


Customer support Need Extra training

Please can someone with Real Technical skills at Plusnet please resolve my 2 tickets :

Ticket: 17965204

Ticket: 17961597

And can I suggest you escalate the ticket so your staff involved can be recommended for further training - When I contact plusnet I do not wish to do there jobs for them.

Its taken since Thursday last week to resolve a pretty simple Question, Are you guys employing staff from aol ?

Read the questions we ASK you before replying otherwise it just frustrates us even more and we go round and round, until someone with real skills reads the tickets.
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Customer support Need Extra training

I have responded to your ticket.

I have made everyone aware of what has happened in your tickets, however this is not a common problem. It was also complicated by our systems which did not make the problem easy to see, unless you specifically know what you are looking for.

As we don't fully support issues of this type agents aren't fully trained in this area, however we are always improving the knowledge base in the call centre so issues like this will be even less likely to happen.

Customer support Need Extra training

Well the customer service here is one of the worse I have experianced, and was one of the main reasons I decided to leave. Training? They need some common sense first...
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Customer support Need Extra training

I always find the customer service here to be extremely helpful, polite and able to sort the problem.

That said, I doubt they are perfect, is any CS dept?

One thing that was mentioned on plusnetters the other day was:

One of the problems Plusnet have is that there is no discernible central information source for the agents to go to. So a woolly general statement about something is put out by the higher ups (with the view "that should keep them quiet for a bit"), but the answers to the inevitable detailed questions are left to the individual Pn agents to sort out.
I suspect the management doesn't think that anybody will ask detailed questions, but if I were a Pn agent, I'd sort out coordinated replies to anything that came in before answering it.
The agents themselves, especially the ones who come on the forum, are trying to be too helpful for their own good. They tell you what they think, which may or may not be right, since nobody has actually told them, and then get pasted when they turn out to be wrong.

Maybe we need some sort of system that everybody has access to, staff and customers where information is deposited and every one is reading from the same book? If the information isn't in the system it is found out and put in the system before a reply is made by pn staff...

Customer support Need Extra training

I don't think it makes any difference to be honest. The company itself doesn't know what it's doing half the time and, above all that, they have a habit of changing the rules every 10 minutes anyway. So by the time you were to lookup the information on such a system, it would be out of date. Besides, thinking about this even more, it would be a mammoth task to implement and maintain - imagine changing one particular fact or article on the system - such a change would need to be reviewed to make sure it doesn't conflict or contradict any other article on the system. That takes man hours and I think CS have enough to do as it is. I sure wouldn't want the job of doing it (not with the complexity of the policies and rules PN currently have on the go).

Personally speaking, I don't think customers would use such a system if it existed. Do you read the manual when you purchase a new TV? Probably not. Same thing applies with all this. If there is a phone number or a forum, it's much easier to phone and ask/post questions than actually use your brain and -read- what is available on the site (such is human nature). But having said that, part of the problem with PN is communication and lack of accurate information on their site in the first place. But I'm not going down that path in this post (it's been walked down many times already, as we all know).

Its taken since Thursday last week to resolve a pretty simple Question, Are you guys employing staff from aol ?

No dig intended, but how on earth can that be classified as a "support question" ? It requires no technical support expertise at all and I'm surprised CS even entertained answering it! Cool

Customer support Need Extra training

Personally speaking, I don't think customers would use such a system if it existed.

From experience I second that. We use a system called Primus. Users are supposed to check there before raising a fault.

The normal conversation goes something along the lines of:-

Me: Have you checked Primus for a solution?
User: Primus?
Me: Yes, click on the shortcut on your desktop that says Primus.
User: I'm too busy for that and anyway I don't know how to use it. Come and fix my problem.
Me: (under my breath) &*(*&^%$%

Primus is explained to them and demonstrated BEFORE they are allowed to log on for the first time.