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Customer lost because Vision2006 and Ellacoya (re-post)


Customer lost because Vision2006 and Ellacoya (re-post)

My other thread was locked because I asked people to reply to keep the thread alive. Please do not reply to this unless you feel you have something to add.

After reading the 'vision' for the future of PlusNet and seeing the beginnings of the results, I'm moving my account to another supplier (my year is up). The X pipe service I used as a dial up has a two month free period making it almost the same as PlusNet so I'm heading back.

I'm not paying £29/month (paid a year in advance) for an 2M 'Unlimited' service which takes 3.5 days to download something which should only take overnight. Especially since my average download per month doesn't even hit 8gb with the majority of that overnight.

I'd rather have a fair usage system which means I get uncapped access all the time whilst knowing if I want to download a very large files I just have to kick them off overnight.

Interestingly one of the selling points for the new system they are using to implement the caps is that it allows the use of old equipment for longer. See
for more info.

I've rated this excellent service using and I suggest you all do the same as a lot of people use this as a guide to picking up an ADSL service.