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Customer Support extinct


Customer Support extinct

In an email some time ago from Plusnet, the phrases evolving and evolution were used: "We emailed you a couple of weeks ago to say PlusNet is evolving, well the evolution is underway" and that "You can ring 0845 140 0200, this number will continue to be charged at a lo-call rate. The PlusNet team will be responsive, giving you the support and guidance you need, when you need it."

Well in my opinion and I am sure that of hundreds if not thousands of other subscribers those comments are somewhat redundant and untrue if my experiences over the past few weeks are to judge by; Plusnt Customer Support is non existant, it's extinct.

In the past (probably prior to 6 months or so ago)one could ring the 08451400200 number and get through to a Customer Support person fairly quickly, especially in the early hours of the morning. One could speak directly to a person, who I always found to be courtous, informative and helpful.

Round and round in circles through menu options, never getting to speak to a human being and being directed to the website to administrate account, report problems etc is of no use if one does not have Internet access due to connection problems for example.
Tickets used to be responded to fairly swiftly, a matter of hours, now it is days.

So, if anyone from Plusnet reads this, please respond to Ticket Number 20088730 where I wish to cancel/close my account.

Customer Support extinct

I sent two 'referals'. Both ignored: No communication with the potential customer. Don't get it

Customer Support extinct

Despite what it says in the:Question Handling Statistics
Average closure time
1 day, 3 hours, 32 minutes and 10 seconds
Last updated: August 19, 2006, 6:20 am
I had a response to my ticket after 2 days 2hrs and 15 mins and I believe I am happy with the rsponse, thank you James.
So, thats one account that Plusnet have lost.
I am sure the Customer Support staff are as frustrated, annoyed etc as Plusnet customers and I would imagine not very happy with their workload at the moment. I did see a very eloquent posting here in the forum about under resourcing etc of customer support, the issue does need to be addressed Plusnet!

Customer Support extinct

I haven't had a connection since 28th June.

I sympathise with you.

It's coming up to the end of my one month's notice period but they won't give me a MAC code until I give them £47. THE NERVE!

link:censored !

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Customer Support extinct

There is a nice post, not too long ago by alistair PN's technical director. Apparantly tech support is alive and well and even improving, if that were possible! Dross and Marketing I suspect as the reality seems quite different for me and many like me. If things are as good as Ali Palli thinks they are then....

?? why is it over 5 days since someone has properly looked at my open question?? And no I don't mean providing me with a dial up number (I signed up for broadband, remember!).

?? Why have I been having frequent disconnections for the last month & a half??

?? Why have my effective DL speeds been so crappy for over a week ??

If you know the answer to the above and could even fix my problems then please feel free to apply for Alistairs job as pn need someone capable of doing and not talking.



Customer Support extinct

look at my post 'court case pending' its cheap and easy to do. If we can encourage more people to go to court we will at least change there attitude!!!!

Customer Support extinct

If you've got access to low-cost legal help (friend in the legal profession) why not ask about a class-action lawsuit rather than dozens of County Court claims at £80 a pop?

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