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Customer Support - WHAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!


Customer Support - WHAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!!

I am absolutely appalled at the service that isn't provided by Force9. I have been a customer for over 2.5 years now during this time I have always praised the great service that Force9 has provided. If I am honest that had provided me with 24/7 connectivity for the majority of that period and I deemed that to be a good service.

However, About 2 months ago I moved house and have tried in total 10 times to move my broadband to my new address. On top of me being unable to resolve this issue, I have left more messages than I care to remember on the Customer Support voicemail. (Extremely un-customer focused) Which explicitly states that I shall be receiving a return call within 8 hours. I have received nothing of the sort.

I have tried to contact a human (novel idea) to discuss and resolve via the telephone, no joy, just a voicemail. I would like to send an email to support@force9, but can't find an email address either.

GUYS IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Provide some support within the next 48hrs or I shall cancel my contract forthwith ( I have a monthly 2mb contract as I wasn't sure how long I would be using your services, I am currently of the belief that it is 2 months too long!!!)

So over to you guys.......The clock is ticking!!!