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Customer Support Statistics


Customer Support Statistics


16 minutes? Updated 5 minutes ago? You are joking, right?
If you're answering calls on average after 16 minutes, why have I been sat here for 1hr 3 minutes so far and no one has answered?

I only called because I saw the average wait time was 10 minutes. Now I've been waiting for over an hour, I'm not going to hang up.

How about you qualify the support statistics with a meaningful statement, for example "average call wait time over the past 24 hours" (which is what I'm guessing it is, so that you can get the figure down by including the dead period in the early hours).

What is the point in putting up a statistic as misleading as this?

Yet again I find myself absolutely livid at the PlusNet customer support. Back in 2002 when I started using PlusNet their customer service was excellent. Why has it gone so badly down the pan since then?

Who the hell is in charge of PlusNet customer support, and why haven't they been sacked yet? Seriously, surely their main objective is to achieve acceptable response times given a certain budget, and right now they're failing miserably.

PlusNet, look at all the people complaining, and all the people disappearing. I need to set up another new account, but there's no way on earth you're getting my business again.