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Customer Support Not Understanding Tickets


Customer Support Not Understanding Tickets

I've now had a couple of issues:
1. The bandwidth usage page showed that I had an allowance of zero, could get the premier package for no cost and would be charged an extra £1.25 this month.
2. I was emailed to say my payements would now be by Debit Card, rather than Direct Debit and tried to change this on Portal only to find this wasn't possible (or at least I couldn't work out how).

Point 1 has now been resolved, point 2 is in progress! In both instances I dutifully took screen grabs and added them to the new ticket to assist. In both cases my complaint was pretty much mis-understood and I embarked on to-ing and fro-ing to try and get my point across.

Having recently moved house and been pursuaded by customer support to pay the cease and re-provide fee, rather than switch ISP and not pay anything, I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing! At the time I said I was impressed by PN's customer support and openness - is anyone else having the same doubts about CS or problems with Portal?

Having said all that I'm very content with the broadband itself!

Customer Support Not Understanding Tickets

Point 2
This seems to happen now and then, for some reason I had to confirm a payment a couple of months ago by debit card, then without me doing anything (through laziness I guess) it changed back, and has been fine since then.

Shame you support query got misinterpreted, again seems, to happen a fair bit, but they are short staffed at the minute, and currently recruiting, so things should get back to an even keel soon enough.