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Customer Support Improvement Plan


Customer Support Improvement Plan

Read the Update from Ian regarding the Customer Support Plan


Well after reading this email, i have one concern

Why are you talking or doing redundancies now? Surely this plan will require more resource in the time scales being talked about?

Another few thing - SMS text messages - how much is that going to cost?

When is the fancy new telephone system going to tell you when the phone is going to be picked up or queue position!!!

Customer Support Improvement Plan

we expect it to be several months before customers really feel the benefit of the work we are doing. For the next few months we expect there to be continued delays in contacting us.

I don't think this is what customers want to hear at this time :roll:

Because our plans involve extra training and the implementation of streamlined processes for the support teams, it is likely that things will get worse before they improve.

Oh dear! Things must really be bad Cry and are about to get worse

All in all an honest view of the situation as seen from CS, but...what I think customers really want to hear is a plan and timescale for issues to be fixed, issues that are affecting customers now, which I'm sure in the long run will cut out an awful lot of CS contact.

Customer Support Improvement Plan

The plans that have been outlined are exciting and I hope that we will once again be able to give the support that customers like your self’s need, Being on the front line I speak to allot of customers per day so I understand the feelings and although it may be a big change once its completed it will be the making of PlusNet support for the future.
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Customer Support Improvement Plan

Quality over quanitity in a call centre? Thats silly, answer 10 calls an hour and give brilliant answers, or answer 20 calls per hour and give the answer the person needs, which would you choose?

Sure, a restructuring would be good, and I think it should be, fire all the managers who bring up the silly ideas that is slowly killing off

Giving support staff P45's, thats going to be a boost for morale "hey, dont phone me I'm getting the sack, go join AOL!"

Call Back when busy... with less staff you'll be more busy. A huge organisation like BT can handle that as they have billions of people working for them, a smaller company will just have huge queues of people waiting to be called back.

I think its a step in the right direction and the wrong direction at the same time.

Customer Support Improvement Plan

Sounds like typical F9 PlusNet weird thinking yet again, their really good at naff ideas that dont benefit customers or quality of service. One step forwards & one step back feels like dejar voo too me!!

**I had X3 phone calls from F9 before I moved from them, each person asking why I was moving & I told them straight. They're nolonger providing the service I need & that the problem is with F9's lack of communications with customers and the withdrawl of technical support. Like HOW? can you run an ISP service without tech support? its a contradiction in terms IMO.

**Please F9 stop putting out updates on what your GOING TOO DO!! for customer service in the future. For pete's sake just get on and do it, thats what customers want. NOT next week, next month next year. JUST DO IT!! NOW or ASAP!! before you go out of business.


Ivan (Ex F9 PlusNet customer, Ex F9 Forum Moderating administrator)