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Customer Service????


Customer Service????

i changed my bank details for my next payment, and i asked the call advisor numerous times if the details will go through in time for the next payment, and the guy reassured me. only to check my account and see that they went into the wrong account, and now i'm being charged for being overdrawn!!!!

i called the so called customer service and spoke the rudest person i've ever had to talk to. who basically says that they wont pay my overdrawn charge and it's somehow my fault. even though the advisor did not read the terms to me, sayin it might not go through in time (which has to be done by FSA standards, meaning if they don't the company is liable) the fact that the guy told me that everything was sorted kinda made me think it was!!

the main thing was how rude the guy was honestly. thinking of cancelling my subscription. i don't pay to be insulted in such a way

any suggestions guys? Evil

Customer Service????

C.A.B. They're free, impartial and very helpful. Check the phone book for the closest one to you...
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Customer Service????

I had almost exactly the same problem with Demon a while back. In the end I broke my contract and just left them, 2 months into a 12 month contract.

They refused to accept responsibility or cover my bank charges. So I cancelled the DDs and migrated. Have since had a few collection notices but nothing for the last few months.

Check what note the CSC have for your call on the link:Contact Us page. If it says something like "Advised EU that DD would be active for next payment" then you definately have evidence against them... if it's not mentioned I am afraid not. If PN ever tell you something you want to rely on, always get the CS Agent to note it in the call ticket.