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Customer Service oddity


Customer Service oddity

Does anyone feel as I do that the automatic closure of a service request after 10 days without action is a bit odd?

All customer service need to do is issue a 'holding' reply - something like 'we're looking into it and we'll get back to you' and after 10 days it automatically just goes away even though no action was actually requested from the customer..

It's happened a couple of times now - irritating.
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Customer Service oddity

Hi there,

I will explain why this has happened. We have two ways internally of prcessing customers issues. The first is through an open ticket - and this is used only for problems affecting one or a few people.

Once a problem affects a larger proportion of the customer base it is raised as an internal problem and dealt with from there - the reason for this is that it is simply not viable for us to keep open tickets for every customer that has a problem when a number of people are affected.

For this reason tickets are returned to the customer with the information necessary to allow them to chase this issue in future should it take too long (in their minds) to fix - this is the problem number that we provide. Once tickets are returned to the customer they close after 10 days if there is no action from either us or yourself.

We have to close tickets at some point for database related reasons (open and closed tickets live in different databases and therefore if you minimise the open tickets database you speed up the system considerably. 10 days was chosen as a sensible figure for this period - although we are re-writing a lot of the ticket system and this may rise slightly to take into account 2 week holidays.