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Customer Feedback Forum

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Customer Feedback Forum

During the course of the past two weeks, a large number of posts in the Customer Feedback forum have been based around discussions pertaining to the recent broadband platform update. The fact that there have been a large number of posts is certainly not a problem; we welcome feedback both good and bad. However, a significant number of posts have contravened forum rules and etiquette. Insults have been directed towards innocent forum members, threads have been hijacked in favour of the aforementioned discussions, and many many posts and threads have been created while a post/thread discussing similar issues is already present on the forums. This has culminated in a less than favourable forum environment for the rest of the customers, and has also meant that issues in other threads have been getting drowned amongst all the discussions about the broadband platform update.

During these last two weeks, the forum moderators (with the invaluable help of the Tutorial Team members) have been taking a reasonably soft approach to moderating the forums, as they have recognised the need for people to express their opinions and, as is often the case, air their discontent. However, the forums have degenerated rapidly into, effectively, a collection of arguments. Therefore, after consulting with ourselves (the Comms Team), the moderators have decided to adopt the following policy for the time being:

- No off-topic posts will be tolerated at all. If posts in a thread are off-topic, they will be removed where possible. If they cannot be removed (i.e. if the off topic discussions are part of on topic posts), the thread will be locked.
- The same goes for hijacking - that is, taking a thread off topic for your own benefit.
- If a member insults another member in a post, that post, plus any responses, will be removed, and the thread locked.
- If a moderator steps in to a thread and requests something (i.e. for people to calm down), and that does not happen, the thread will be locked.
- Later today we will also re-enable avatars and signatures within the forum and will remove any over sized avatars. Any customer repeatedly breaking this rule will have their ability to display an avatar removed.

The moderators reserve every right to suspend any customer without notice in order to maintain order in the forums should they fail to consistently abide by those rules.

Finally, please take note that criticisms etc. of PlusNet are welcome in the forums, provided they are civilised discussions. PlusNet and the moderators are not intending to censor anybody, only maintain a pleasant environment in the forums, which has unfortunately been lost recently.

[Moderator's note by Chris (Eurotrain4): Sticky removed - 02/01/2005]