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Current connection rate & ticket ID: 19385438


Current connection rate & ticket ID: 19385438

I raised this ticket a few days ago because i have synced at 8128 kbps snr 15 since i was upgraded 17 days ago but PN haven`t had a BT delta report for me so my connection is capped at their end.

Speedtests on the BT domain result in downloads between 4Mbps to 6.7 Mbps.

OK so know i know that there are issues with BT & its getting sorted at their end.

But one of the replys to my ticket said to reboot my router as some maintainance had been done on my account. After doing this the first PN speedtest indicated a speed of 3.6Mbps and then after that straight back to the capped 2Mbps that the current connection rate page has displayed since my upgrade

So if PN manually lifted my connection rate, what shoved it straight back down to 2Mbps?

And my ticket appears to have been forgotten about now!
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Current connection rate & ticket ID: 19385438

Its possible that it was just a one off result, I know that in the past I've seen a few erronious results when I've been running tests for my own connection. If its dropped back down to 2mbps now, then I'd advise waiting for BT to resolve things on their side so that its fully fixed.