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Criticalmass down again


Criticalmass down again

For the past few nights I've noticed that criticalmass has been down around 22:00. It's now 22:30 and nothing from my CGI web space works and when I try to log on it does not get past the auth! Sad
Any ideas whats going on?




RE: Criticalmass down again

Hi Chris,

This was resolved by a network engineer at 23:35.

If you want to know why it's happening, I will repost my response from plusnet.service.customer-feedback.

In absolute honesty it's because the configuration in use is passed it's sell by date and cannot cope with the demand being placed on it at the moment. The problem has been fixed on our new CGI platform
which utilises clustered multiple servers to provide additional redundancy and security.

The new CGI platform is currently in live testing on one of our sister brands (Which has a much smaller CGI userbase) and as soon as we are
confident that it has been tuned to allow for rollout to the many thousands of CGI customers we will replace the current CGI server. Unfortunately, until that time there is the chance this problem could re-occur whenever the CGI server is under particularly heavy load.


Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support

RE: Criticalmass down again

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the info.