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Creating Mailboxes


Creating Mailboxes

Hello all,

I have two email addresses at PlusNet: and I receive a lot of spam that is addressed to info@, brian@ etc to both accounts and thought if I could create a mailbox for both email accounts (the second is already an extension of the plus account), then I could get mail directed to david@ to come to me (less spam) and anything else directed to postmaster@ (PlusNet's suggestion) that could be deleted.

Can someone explain to me in simple plain English how to do this.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas. David
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Creating Mailboxes

Firstly it is important to understand that mail for both the addresses you mention all go to the same mail box at

To try and reduce the spam then you need to set up either one or two "Named" mailboxes using a name or names that you have never used in the past.
These are set up using the link Email settings over on the left of this page.

So lets assume that you set up a box called fred.
You would then collect any mail to or by logging on with you email client using crosweller+fred and the password you assigned to the box called fred.

Perhaps the best way to do this is to set up the named box you want to use and also set up one called postmaster, as you are obliged to check that for mail from Plusnet.

Then ask via the help and support pages to have all mail to your default box "Black holed". Then you will only ever get mail for the named boxes.

Hope that helps.
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Creating Mailboxes

You don't direct email to postmaster as that is an email account you must monitor as that is how PlusNet contact you (it atstes this in the T&C).

If all you want is email to david@ (and postmaster@) and want the rest to be deleted then there is an option to black-hole all email expect for named mailboxes.

See the 2nd part of Blocking Spam Emails.

The help & Support item to ask for this is

help & support
Email, Spam, Webmail & News (under technical support)
Email Security, Spam & Viruses
Blackhole your email to Stop Spam