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Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!


Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!


I've made a couple of posts about the rubbish download speeds I've been haviong recently.

I've dropped from consisted speed tests of 1800-1900 to 600-700.

I've now found the cause...

.. My wireless NETWORK Evil

I've not reconfigered it, and I still get 97% signal strength. But I got a 20 meter cable and plugged the wireless router straight into the back of my PC and , hey-presto back to 1890 on a speed test Cheesy

I using a netgear router WGR614 firmware Version 1.12 Aug 22 2003 and a netgear WGE101 running V3.1 (RC2)

Thanks to plusnet for responding to my ticket.
Sorry to Plusnet for suggesting it may of been their fault.

I know there are other people out there with genuine speed issues with Plusnet, but I am cured...

....Other than the mess of cable running through the house!

Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!

yes you are too right.......There are indeed many of us that are not happy with plusnet speeds. Its getting to the point i will try anorther ISP after 4 years with plusnet

Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!

I found the reasonm my wireless was slow.....

The wireless bridge is set on top of a dining room dresser, this has been moved recently so that the aerial was touching the wall (I had not spotted this).

I moved it back to where it normally sits (the aerial is 2 inches from the wall) and

1840 kbps ADSL 2000
1887.1 kbps YOU

Its true, an extra 2 iches make all the difference!

But the strange thing was the bridge was reporting 97& signal strength!

Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!

Hi mercator,

Welcome to the forums.

If you have a re read at the op's post, he was not complaining about Plus Net speeds, on the contrary, his problem iwas down to his own gear.

Can you elaborate on your own speed problems. If, as is likely, you are suffering from a BT exchange problem, then moving ISP's will not resolve that problem.

Tell us a bit more about your problem.

Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!


Its true, an extra 2 iches make all the difference!


Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!

Been with Plusnet for about a year on 2Mb Prenier now. Over that year never had a problem with speed. Until yesterday when I got an email from PN saying that I was to be switched from 20:1 to 50:1. Fair enough. Didn't want to pay to keep the better ratio. Anyway my exchange is short on 20:1 connections but have plenty of 50:1 capacity. So though all would be well.

But it wasn't. Yesterday was the first time we have seen disconnects. Right through the day it was off and on. Nothing had changed at our end. This morning it was the same. More off than on. Decided to do some checking.

It turned out that the signal now coming in on our ADSL is a good deal lower than it was and now the only way that we can stay connected is to plug into the Master BT socket. At least that way we don't get disconnections. But why did BT cut the signal?

Anyway, we are not too bothered because we are going back to cable (Blueyonder) where we'll get higher speeds in the near future. We cannot fault Plusnet for their service to us and we'll still recommend them to anyone who wants an ADSL ISP.

It strikes us that ADSL is fine as long as there isn't a problem with connection, but if there is a problem, for Mr. Average sorting it out can be a technical nightmare. Just look at all the things you have to try before Plusnet will contact BT. The ads make connection to adsl broadband look a breeze, and it is if all goes alright, but any problem it is a nightmare.

And will it get worse with DSL+? At least with cable you are only dealing with the one supplier, so you know where the buck stops.

Crap Speed - Not PLUSNET's Fault!

It isn't that PN isn't willing to contact BT Wholesale. As far as I understand:

1) BT Wholesale does not talk to customers, only to ISPs.
2) BT Wholesale will not discuss or take any action *unless* the entire battery of tests specified (the connect to main, unplug phones, etc).

There's also some other procedures, etc, that BT run and whatever the problem is, even if it is obviously at the Exchange level, the ISP have to adhere to them or they just get ignored. (Granted, they need this kind of procedure because a lot of problems are due to connections "at home" - but I also feel they hide behind this quite a lot to avoid doing anything or to cover up mistakes).

It doesn't really matter which ISP you use. Support will have to verify you have done everything BT Wholesale insists you try before BT will even look into the matter. This can be a real hassle, I know.