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Could this be my problem?


Could this be my problem?

On Tuesday morning I discovered that I had lost connection to the internet. I have tried a number of things to resolve this but have been completely unsuccessfull.

I currently have a raised ticket which indicates that the problem MAY be PN's. Today I called support to try and get some information and have basically been told that my ticket is waiting for somebody to look at it and nothing else can be done. This could take up to 3 days.

I know that there are people who have been waiting MUCH longer than this but there are just a couple of things I am trying to find out.

When I try to connect, I get an error message saying that there is no Dial Tone.
My Moden (Alcatel Speedtouch) has a message saying Initializing ADSL
On the Modem the ADSL light is flashing

Is it possible that I have been re-graded to LLU and my modem is simply unable to cope with this?

Is there anyway I can find out whether or not I have been re-graded (I have received no E-mails)


Could this be my problem?

Just had a phone call from Plus Net Support. They have told me that I HAVE been regraded to LLU and it is possible that this is the cause of my problem but they will be getting my line tested anyway.

This phone call has restored some of my faith in the system.

I should hopefully have an answer tomorrow or Friday.

Thank you PN
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Could this be my problem?

So another person with a screwed up LLU connection, Tiscali living up to their good (ahem) name.

Is it possible that I have been re-graded to LLU and my modem is simply unable to cope with this?

I think its more a case of you being regraded and PlusNet being unable to cope with it.

Could this be my problem?

I have looked at and this has the following information This line has ADSL on it and there is also an open ADSL order on the line. This may be a new activation, cancellation or a regrade order

Dunno how long this order will remain open but I know that it has been there since at least yesterday morning (and I would assume since Tuesday morning).

I just hope that I can get back online before the weekend.

Could this be my problem?

I have had another follow up call from Mand (I was in the call queue wanting to get an update). Fair enough I still don't have any answerd but it is good to know that my issue is still being followed up.

Thank you Mand. Hoping to hear from you again real soon Cheesy
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Could this be my problem?

yes mand's doing a good job in what must be difficult circumstances

it took toscali about 4 days to sort mine out, but now seems ok and a little faster than bt...