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Could I get help with ticket #22345589?

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Could I get help with ticket #22345589?

Is anyone able to help me with my fault ticket #22345589? My DSL was provisioned last Weds as part of house move simultaneous provide but has not worked from day one.

Initially I could sync fine but could not reach plusnet or the BT test domain. Then briefly yesterday I could reach the BT test domain but not plusnet. Then around lunchtime yesterday DSL died completely and nothing will sync (tried two routers in the master socket test port).

An engineer was supposed to come out on Monday morning but he didn't show up. Since then things seemed to have stalled a bit. I've had a voice engineer onsite this morning to checkout the line and he gave it, and the master socket etc, a clean bill of health but obviously being a voice engineer he couldn't do any broadband testing.

I work from home so the lack of broadband since 5th July when I moved out of my old home is a real problem (the dialup is welcome but not really quite fast enough for what I need). I've been trying to ascertain if being on plusnet Teleworker would offer an advantage for fault turnaround in this scenario.

Would it be possible to request another engineer visit from BT? It's almost as if someone did something in the exchange yesterday afternoon and pulled my wires out.

Any help with this would be extremely welcome.